Orly combines the finest ingredients with specialist technology. Orly has been developing world-class nail care for over 40 years. A choice of breathable vegan nail polishes, long lasting which allows the moisture to escape the nail plate meaning longer wear time. Polishes are infused with Argan Oil, Vitamins B5 and Vitamin C. Different formulas for different nail conditions mean that whether your nails are splitting and peeling, to dry and brittle, there is always something for you to help you nails be in the best possible condition.


Relax, unwind and nourish your hands with the ultimate in spa luxury. After nail preparation, nails are soaked in a unique blend of Dead Sea salts infused with botanicals of blackcurrant and cucumber. The spa experience continues with cuticle treatment, luxury hand and lower arm massage and concludes with nail plate reviver treatment and a Orly nail polish of your choice.

Allow 45 minutes   £22.00

Why not add a mini hand rescue treatment to any therapy to help combat the drying effects of hand sanitisers. Includes exfoliation, a natural Kaolin mask, followed by a ultra rich cream. 



A luxurious pedicure treatment to include the lower leg and foot. Feet are exfoliated using Sea Salts to help remove dry, dead skin & wrapped in bandages using pure peppermint oil and fucus seaweed to help with puffy ankles and tired aching feet. This is then followed with a lower leg & foot massage using a re-energizing lotion, leaving the skin feeling tingly and alive. Nail care preparation is also included in this treatment.

Allow 1 hour 15 minutes  £29.00


Relax, unwind and heal your legs and feet with the ultimate spa luxury and leave feeling like your ‘Walking on air’ with ORLY’s signature deluxe pedicure infused with Italian Mandarin. Allow us to envelope your feet in a luxurious bath of Dead Sea salts infused with botanical extracts of blackcurrant and cucumber. A specialist callus remover infused with Aloe Vera & Clove is applied to feet to remove hard & dead skin. Feet are gently buffed using our healing exfoliant, which is infused with Kuki seed oil followed by a nourishing cuticle treatment. 

Allow 1 Hour £28.00


Gellux gel nail polish is a high gloss, fast drying, hard wearing alternative to nail polish that is chip resistant and lasts up to 15 days. It can be used both on the hands and feet and due to its hard wearing and long lasting nature it makes it ideal for holidays, weddings and everyday wear.

The nails are filed into shape and the Gellux Gel Polish is then applied, but unlike normal nail polish it is cured under a UV lamp which means the application is instantly completely dry so there is no smudging and no waiting time.

Gellux Shape and Polish                £21.00

Gellux Removal                               £11.50

Gellux Removal and Nail Conditioning Treatment                                       £20.00

Allow 45 minutes for each treatment

There is no charge for removal of gel when having a re-application